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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I. Objectives:
                Within the given period, the second year high school students with at least 80% accuracy are expected to;
                a. describe the musical traditions of cordillera highlands and the Aetas;
                b. identify the musical instruments from the cordillera highlands and the Aetas;
                c. give the functions of  its instruments they used.

II. Subject Matter:
                 Topic: Cordillera Highlands and the Aeta Tribal Music: The Pennacle of Music
         References: "Exploring with Mapeh" ;Jocelyn V. Bautista
                            "MAPEH for Better you; Josefino N. Carlos

                          Projector. laptop, drawing or pictures of musical instruments
III. Procedure:
                      a. Review:
                                        The teacher will recapitulate about the topic last meeting. The teacher will ask some follow-up questions.
                      b. Motivation:
                                        Show the students pictures of instruments used in tribal people and then play the video about the Cordillera dances. Then follow up question about the video will be thrown to the students.
                      c. Lesson Proper:
                                        The teacher will ask the students of what they can say if the cordillera dances. Assuming that the students can guess correctly what is the topic to be tackle about. That's the time the teacher will discuss about the cordillera and tribal aetas musical traditions. The teacher will also give the functions of each musical instruments they used.

IV, Evaluation:
                       The teacher will let the students interpret the music of cordillera entitled "Salidomay"

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